Thursday 13 June – Women in Energy Breakfast


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Join us from 7am for breakfast and a powerful panel discussion of energy issues. Tickets only available to Energy Week attendees at a cost of $50. This activity was sold out in 2023, please register early to secure a spot. Entire booking fee is donated to Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter.

Venue: Aerial South Wharf (2mins from MCEC)

Address: 17 Dukes Walk, Corner of Dukes and Rona Walk, South Wharf

Time: 7:00am arrival  - 8:15am finish

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PANEL DISCUSSION: How can energy system capex be re-imagined to ensure reasonable ROI and flexibility?
  • What are the latest developments and trends in capital expenditures within the energy sector?
  • How can we enhance the efficiency of capital expenditures without compromising performance or sustainability?
  • What measures can be taken to ensure that capital expenditures align with long-term technological advancements and industry shifts?


Sophie Underwood
McKinsey & Company


Françoise Merit
Chief Financial Officer
Endeavour Energy

Suzanne Falvi
Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs