Generation 2.0

Wednesday 17 February


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re-engineerineering the grid    future retail    C&I energy management   

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Opening remarks from the chair
Meeting the environmental and commercial challenges facing energy generators
Next steps in Australia's renewable energy transition

Darren Miller
Chief Executive Officer

Taking advantage of Australia’s unique strengths – why Neoen has chosen to invest $20B in energy generation
  • Opportunities in the Australian energy sector
  • Overcoming the uncertainties of the current market
  • Neoen’s future plans for Australia

Louis de Sambucy
Managing Director, Australia

Managing the transition from coal-fired generation - how Stanwell is evolving its business
  • Getting the best out of existing assets through initiatives that support a low carbon future
  • Operational strategies for end-of-life assets that support local economies
  • Building the resilience of our employees and our communities
  • Working in partnership with state and local government, community and private business to support the transition.

Richard Van Breda
Chief Executive Officer

Morning tea in the expo hall
Ensuring new projects are meeting market demands – firming, location and price
Chasing the dream of 100 per cent renewable electricity, a highly reliable grid and significantly cheaper wholesale prices
  • Moving from an energy grid powered by coal to one powered by renewables
  • Building the 50GW of renewable and dispatchable energy required by AEMO's blueprint
  • Creating a modern energy system – who pays for it?

Ross Edwards
Markets Executive

Practicalities of market forces on energy generation
  • Riding the real life effects of FCAS
  • How market volatility creates higher electricity costs
  • Dealing with negative pricing events
  • Solutions to stabilise supply and firm prices

Andrew Bills
Chief Executive Officer
CS Energy

AI-based trading to navigate price volatility
  • Using a range of inputs and machine learning algorithm to predict prices
  • Optimising local constraints to recommend bids that maximise financial returns
  • AI enhancing technical, physical and commercial aspects of power station operations

John Cole
Chief Executive Officer
Edify Energy

Networking lunch in the expo hall
Understanding the investment drivers in today’s energy landscape
PANEL DISCUSSION: Boom or Bust? Investment in generation projects
  • What are the factors influencing generation project investors in Australia?
  • Which type of projects do investors feel most comfortable with?
  • How should energy generation projects be positioned to make them financially attractive?


Timothy Meyers
Sales Manager
MAN Energy Solutions


Leonard Quong
Head of Australia Research
Bloomberg Nef

Tsen Wong
Head of Energy, Resources Energy and Infrastructure
ANZ Banking Group

CASE STUDY: Why Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) is choosing to invest in the Star of the South project in Australia
  • Meeting Generator Performance Standards
  • Getting physically connected to the grid
  • Finding buyers for output

Casper Frost Thorhauge
Chief Executive Officer
Star of the South

From an onsite microgrid to a commercial reality: Exploring ATCO’s renewable hydrogen journey
  • Integrating natural gas, solar PV, battery storage and hydrogen production
  • Leveraging what we learnt at the Clean Energy Innovation Hub
  • Applying our findings to a larger, commercially viable scale hydrogen production plant
  • Planned next steps for ATCO and hydrogen energy production

Russell James
General Manager, Business Development – West

Afternoon tea in the expo hall
Mitigating contract, construction and connection risks to ensure new projects are profitable
Overcoming the barriers to getting renewable energy into the market
  • Building in transmissions and interconnectors to meet standards
  • Coping with AEMO’s marginal loss factors (MLF)
  • Finding buyers for generated power

Ian Learmonth
Chief Executive Officer
Clean Energy Finance Corporation

CASE STUDY: Silicon Power Plant – realising the potential of 1414 Degrees’ thermal energy storage
  • Strategies in place to ensure project deliverables are achieved
  • Discussion around acquisition of the site and taking a staged approach to development
  • Heat integration opportunities and disruption to the energy landscape

Marie Pavlik
Commercial Development Manager,
1414 Degrees

Finding buyers to make generation projects financially secure/profitable - how Total Eren found a patchwork of energy buyers for the 200MW (AC) Kiamal Solar Farm
  • Identifying what buyers are looking for and meeting those needs
  • Fully contracting output through a collection of long-term offtake agreements
  • Installing a 190MVAr synchronous condenser to improve reliability of output
  • Key investment decisions that made Kiamal successful and how Total Eren are planning to expand the project

Michael Vawser
Regional Director (Asia-Pacific)
Total Eren

Closing remarks from the chair
End of Generation 2.0 Stream