Thursday 13 June: Future Retail Stream


Welcome Coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair

Tricia Lorenzo
General Manager, New Product Integration
Flow Power

Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and engagement
Retail transformation while connecting our customers to a more sustainable future

Jo Egan
Chief Customer Officer

INTERNATIONAL ADDRESS: Harnessing data and AI to transform customer experience and enable new energy business models

Kelly James
SVP & GM, Energy and Utilities Industries

INTERNATIONAL ADDRESS: Allowing energy consumers to understand and control their energy use with the next generation of smart meters
  • Giving consumers a hyper-personalised energy experience by overlaying specific household information with external data to build a really rich picture of energy usage
  • Providing real-time information and advanced disaggregation advice to reduce consumption
  • Testing the riskiest assumptions and understanding the market-value proposition before launching the program
  • Analysing the impact of smart meters on energy retailing

Stephen England-Hall
Chief Retail Officer (CRO)
Genesis Energy (NZ)

INTERNATIONAL ADDRESS: Delivering the energy and the customer transition with AI on next gen smart meters: case studies from Melbourne & California

Michael Jary
Managing Director APAC & EMEA
Sense (UK)

Morning tea in the expo hall
Combining small scale behind-the-meter technologies for home and business to make the transition simpler for all customers
  • Delivering products and services for customers seeking a simple grid and behind-the-meter solutions including EaaS plans (Energy as a Service)
  • Harnessing new technology that anticipates consumer needs
  • Strengthening trust for energy customers, staff, partners, and communities

Renae Gasmier
Head of Customer Assets

PANEL DISCUSSION: What are the best ways to elevate the customer experience?
  • How do you create an optimal mix of out-of-the-box and customized CX programs?
  • Which innovations or agile approaches empower frontline staff?
  • Which metrics are useful in evaluating customer experience (eg NPS)?


Peter Perla
Executive General Manager, Customer Experience & Growth


Nick Nikolitsis
Product Director

Todd Atkins
Director, Large Enterprise

Mark Brownfield
Chief Customer Officer

Catherine Anderson
General Manager of Marketing - Retail

Dealing with a customer base under financial stress
FIRESIDE CHAT: Future customer platforms and engagement… ready for it?
  • Engagement as a key to customer trust and loyalty
  • What are the future platforms that respond to customer needs?
  • Defining the energy retailing models/programs that support all customers, including vulnerable consumers

Ayesha Razzaq
Executive General Manager of Retail
Ergon Energy Retail

Michael Dart
Acting Chief Executive Officer
Energy Queensland

Lunch in the expo hall
Approaching customer debt differently
  • Overcoming the challenges of traditional debt prediction and treatment methods
  • Proactively engaging vulnerable customers early enough to offer support
  • Getting in early with AI and Behavioural Science to change customer payment behaviour

Libby Dale

PANEL DISCUSSION: How can urgent transition and affordability issues be addressed effectively?
  • In what ways can inertia and mistrust be overcome to facilitate the movement of vulnerable customers onto the most suitable deal, especially concerning explicit informed consent?
  • How might the effectiveness of behavioural 'nudges' on bills be enhanced?
  • What strategies can be employed to connect distressed consumers with the right resources, such as the National Energy Concessions Awareness Campaign?
  • How do we deal with consumer heterogeneity? What sort of consumer protection policies do/will we need?


Michael Dart
Acting Chief Executive Officer
Energy Queensland


Stephen England-Hall
Chief Retail Officer (CRO)
Genesis Energy (NZ)

Emma Hawthorne
Associate Partner

Mazhar Shah
General Manager, Finance, Retail
ENGIE Australia & New Zealand

Exploring retail business models to manage and meet the needs of consumers
Keeping pace with customers’ changing needs - Future Home Demand Report
  • Identifying the fundamental shifts happening in the way customers consume and manage energy
  • Integrating distributed energy resources in a safe, efficient and flexible way… and fairly, so everyone benefits
  • Responding to emerging trends so energy remains accessible and affordable for all

Renate Vogt
General Manager, Regulation
CitiPower, Powercor and United Energy

Afternoon tea in the expo hall
Exploring technologies for home electrification
  • Prioritising consumer needs and energy optimisation
  • Utilising homeowner investments in energy
  • Understanding customer preferences in energy engagement

Mark Humphreys
General Manager, Australia

Streamlining the regulatory landscape and ensuring that standards and codes are fit for purpose
Managing evolving energy regulation and how the burden of compliance might be reduced
  • Identifying the most byzantine of the pricing, billing, and customer protection requirements and how they could be simplified
  • Examining how the Consumer Data Right has impacted the energy sector and consumers
  • Allowing the existing regulatory regime to mature before new expansions are rolled out
  • Reforming regulations to build a system that is in the customer’s interest

Jo De Silva
General Manager Retail Policy
Australian Energy Council

PANEL DISCUSSION: How can regulation, codes and standards be built so that they are responsive to the needs of future consumers without putting a heavy compliance burden on retailers?
  • Are current regulatory schemes appropriate to an era of distributed energy resources? Can they be adapted, or do we need to start from scratch?
  • Whose role is it to ensure that all stakeholders are included in the transition?
  • How can rules be simplified and streamlined without compromising consumer rights?


Terence Alvares
GM Operations Retail
ENGIE Australia & New Zealand


Ron Ben David
Professorial Fellow
Monash University

Nigel Clark
Chief Executive Officer
Aurora Energy

Louisa Kinnear
Chief Executive Officer
Jacana Energy

Closing remarks from Chair
End of Future Retail stream