Future Retail Stream

Wednesday 26 May

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Opening remarks from the chair

Mike Swanston
The Consumer Advocate

Transforming operations to meet the increased expectations of energy customers
CASE STUDY: How Origin’s digital transformation is helping to get energy right for customers
  • Building an internal digital team focussed on customer experience
  • Leveraging superior customer service to retain and win customers in a post DMO and VDO market
  • Using data for better customer insights and solutions
  • Building a platform for future digital solutions

Jon Briskin
Executive General Manager, Retail
Origin Energy

CASE STUDY: Creating a new experience for solar and batteries – how UPowr is transforming home energy technologies
  • Designing customer experiences for energy that are digital focussed
  • Understanding and responding to customer preferences
  • Privacy and personalisation – the need for both
  • Mitigating choice paralysis

Kiya Taylor
Chief Customer Officer

Partner presentation
Morning tea in the expo hall
Retailing in “the big stick” environment – meeting current and future regulatory requirements
Meeting consumer expectations - what retailers need to be aware of
  • Results of Energy Consumers Australia consumer sentiment survey
  • Keeping abreast of the policy and regulatory whirlwind
  • Simple steps to avoid the unwanted attention of regulators

Lynne Gallagher
Chief Executive Officer
Energy Consumers Australia

Partner Presentation
Impact of rapid change and reform on customer experience and engagement
  • How a return to price regulation has affected key energy retail outcomes
  • Dealing with the unintended consequences of regulatory reform
  • Can innovation thrive and deliver for customers in the current environment
  • How does the retailer of the future adapt and succeed to the new normal?

Shannon Hyde
Chief Executive Officer
Simply Energy

Networking lunch in the expo hall
Putting customers at the centre of operations to transform service, build trust and grow business
  • Hearing from customers first-hand - exposing senior leaders to the frontline
  • Identifying pain points - engineering interactions for simplicity and efficiency
  • Equipping frontline staff with the right tools and information, automating processes and driving digital transformation
  • Opportunities arising from customer-centric operations; loyalty, affordability and collaboration across the energy industry

Christine Corbett
Chief Customer Officer
AGL Energy

Remaining relevant whilst technology rewrites how consumers interact with energy
Ensuring the integrity of consumer data in the changing technology landscape
  • Recognising the changing relationship between consumers and companies
  • How CDR will impact comparison and advice services
  • Understanding consumer energy data safety in regard to household IoT

Lauren Solomon
Chief Executive Officer
Consumer Policy Research Centre

PANEL DISCUSSION: Do consumer demand response programs achieve the results to make them worthwhile?
  • Is it necessary to subsidise the cost of installation of cycling down technology?
  • Can sharing demand response data and analytics with customers be an effective way to influence behaviour?
  • How should energy companies shape trial of demand response in consumers?
  • Do DR programs encourage the right behaviour in consumers?


Michael Dart
Executive General Manager Community, Customer and Corporate Affairs
Energy Queensland


Peter Price
Executive General Manager Asset, Safety & Performance & Head of Corporate Strategy
Energy Queensland

Phil Blythe
Chief Executive Officer

Melanie Koerner

Afternoon tea in the expo hall
Preparing for the grid of the future – designing a blueprint to transform Queensland’s distribution networks
  • Ensuring a safe and reliable intelligent grid
  • Grid scale storage strategies to manage the impact of Minimum System Demand
  • Transforming Fringe of Grid electricity supply – an efficient solution for isolated networks
  • Electricity, data and communications to provide solutions for customers and distribution businesses 
  • Demand & Energy Management programs

Rod Duke
Chief Executive Officer
Energy Queensland

Disruptors – how entrants are looking to capture retail market share
  • Appealing to the increasing sophisticated demands of consumers
  • Game changing shifts in the way energy is sold
  • Is regulation is strangling innovation in the energy sector?
  • Are your customers with you because they are loyal or lazy?


Mike Swanston
The Consumer Advocate


Chris Thompson
Chief Executive Officer
Amber Electric

Kiya Taylor
Chief Customer Officer

Yann Burden
Chief Customer Officer
DC Power Co

Phil Blythe
Founder and Director

Luke Blincoe
Chief Executive
Electric Kiwi

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Future Retail Stream